Portal Traffic

You run an erotic-portal and are looking for partners with which you can make traffic
and hardlingtrades, then you have in the subsequent adult, porn portals that possibility.
We have mainstream erotica portals as well as niche sites (expl. gay, fetish and
extreme, teen, erotic texts and sex shops)

Name Niche Lang Hardlink Submit
pornomile.com Mainstream g Open
porn-panda.com Mainstream g Closed
pornorubrik.com Mainstream g Open
porndong.com Mainstream g Closed
pornopo.com Mainstream g Closed
pornpace.com Mainstream e Closed
fetisch-world.net Fetish g Open
fetisch-panda.com Fetish g Closed
ero-text.com Stories g Closed
hornywriter.com Stories/Contact g Open

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